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Covers that fit your trip

To enjoy behind the wheel and explore our 100+ holiday destinations will be amazing. And if you do it with cover included, your peace of mind will be greater, and the plan round ;)


When you book a car with Goldcar you will be able to add 3 cover options.

By adding them you will avoid the need to leave a high deposit (the amount that is blocked on your card when you arrive at the counter, related to possible damage to the car).

For a hassle-free trip, choose the level of protection that you need, without overpaying!


Covered at a very affordable price

  • The most common damages, such as those to the car body, are covered.
  • With basic road assistance included. 
  • The deposit is reduced to €300.


The best-selling cover, a value for money choice. Enjoy a Super Relaxed trip

  • The complete cover for your car rental. 
  • Don't worry about possible damage to the car, theft, loss of keys and battery.
  • With 24 hour roadside assistance and towing service.
  • You don't have to leave an excess / deposit at the counter.


A coverage as complete as Super Relax with Premium Roadside Assistance

  • For those who travel many kilometers and want to count on the best protection.
  • Your full cover for your car rental. Don't worry about possible damage to the interior and exterior of the car, refueling errors, theft, loss of keys and battery.
  • With premium 24 hour roadside assistance and towing service.
  • You don't have to leave an excess / deposit at the counter


Fast, safe and without going to the office's desk. With Super Relax cover included

Road Tip for expert road trippers! If after taking a look at these options you choose Super Relax Cover, we recommend you book the Key'n Go package if it is available at your pick-up office.

As well as having the Super Relax cover included, you will be able to check in online and collect your car keys through a digital dispenser, in less than 1 minute. 

A safer service with no contact with people! 

Don't forget to join the Club to receive offers every week and start benefiting from being G People ;)

See you on the road! 

Please note that there are some special cases that are not covered by any of these coverages:
  • If you run out of fuel.
  • Damage to the engine due to negligence or refueling errors.
  • Serious damage to the interior of the vehicle if there is no accident.
  • Rescue of the vehicle on roads not suitable for driving (beach, forest tracks...)
  • Special cleaning of the vehicle, if there are stains or accumulations that cannot be removed with normal cleaning.
  • Costs of managing speeding fines and parking.
  • Breakage of side windows or rear window.

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